by Holly on July 27, 2012

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In the spirit of living freely and in the moment, may I suggest 10 things to do before summer is over? Do one or do all but whatever you do, make sure to have a great last weekend of July.

(1) Take a weekend getaway!

Just this summer, I’ve gone on a weekend cheese tour of Southwest Wisconsin in addition to mini getaways to Chicago, Milwaukee & Door County, WI. Pack up a duffle bag, rev your engine and see where the freedom of the open road takes you. Hopefully, your end destination involves beer and Avocado Tempura Burgers.

(2) Go mini golfing while drinking Arnold Palmers! And if you don’t (a) like mini golf or (b) know what an Arnie Palmer is, then we can’t be friends. Total bonus points for drinking a John Daly.

(3) Don’t cook! Step away from stove and eat a salad. Win-win.

(4) Learn something new!

Preferably, learn something that involves cooking & a grill…like roasting your own red peppers! You could use them in Chickpea Chop sandwiches, atop salads or smooshed in paninis.

(5) Make popsicles! I haven’t done this since middle school when my sisters and I would freeze Tropical Punch Kool-Aid or Tang with a metal spoon in a cup. It was the most ghetto popsicle in the world but tasted so refreshingly cool. Try Roasted Strawberry Coconut Milk Popsicles or these Coconut Shell Fruit Popsicles. Much more sophisticated for my 27-year-old self, me thinks.

(6) Throw a picnic!

Nothing fancy…perhaps just some turkey sandwiches, fresh cherries and potato chips? Bring a manfriend (or womanfriend) and a bottle of wine, sparkling water or better yet, these Lemon Basil Spritzers, and lay on a blanket to immerse yourself in the last month of summer warmth.

(7) Use SPF! Seriously, like now. Go slather it on because the ozone’s not getting any thicker.

(8) Go on walk!

One of my absolute favorite things to is to walk around my neighborhood around dusk. It’s happily quiet, the heat of the day has thankfully subsided and there is a unique silence to the wind whooshing through the trees. Pure happiness.

(9) Grow an herb garden! It’s not too late to reap summer’s harvest – start with basil and parsley.

(10) Take a moment to say thank you! There is so much happening on this crazy planet (both good and bad) that cultivating gratitude is one of the best things we can give back to the universe. That and reducing our environmental impact…but I’ll settle for a simple thank you today.

Some things NOT to do before summer is over? Move apartments, run out of toothpaste + brush your teeth with mouthwash and spill an entire bag of quinoa on your kitchen floor.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

What is one thing YOU are going to do before the summer is over? Sharing is caring!