A Thai-rrific Feast

by Holly on October 31, 2010

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There doesn’t need to be food for my family to have a delicious time at a dinner party.

They’re lucky I love food, however.

Because while it doesn’t need to be present, I still like to provide my loved ones with an Everythingtarian-approved feast.

This fact is especially true when it is my dear Auntie Godzilla’s birthday (just for the record, Godzilla is not my nickname for her. You can chalk that one up to her husband, who is known more familiarly around these parts as Uncle Tommie Timbertoes).

For the past month, Uncle Tommie + I have been planning a special surprise dinner party for Auntie Godzilla. I’m not lying when I say I was nervous about hosting my very first dinner party. I mean, as a food blogger, I have a bit of a reputation to uphold when making food for others, ya know?

It’s a good thing I’m as competitive as they come.

I had three words for Uncle Tommie: bring. it. on.

While I could not loathe The Food Network’s Sandra Lee more, I knew my first step was creating a memorable tablescape to fit with my dinner theme. Sh!t, I need a dinner theme! I pondered. I brainstormed. I thought about it. Finally, I decided that after spending a year in Thailand teaching English, it was time to put my cultural experience to use.

A Thai-rrific Feast, it would be.

I started the tablescape with this piece of batik fabric I bought traveling in Southern China as my tablecloth. It’s got that beachy, laidback vibe, which I thought fit perfectly with the centerpiece I made using a $1.70 glass vase from a thrift store, brown rice and pieces of coral I collected on the beaches of Koh Samet on a weekend trip to the Thai islands.

Add in four wine glasses, a bottle of Argentinean Malbec and a Thai good luck medallion, and you’ve got yourself a simple yet stylin’ tablescape.

And yes, I kind of want to punch myself in the face everytime I write ‘tablescape.’

Next, I typed out the night’s menu and framed it for the table…

first course
Red Curry Carrot Soup with Raita and Smoked Paprika Oil

second course
Thai Fish Sauce & Lime Chicken
Thai Spicy Eggplant

dessert course
Coconut Rice Pudding with Fresh Mango

Because alcohol is an obvious must, I bought the above bottle of Malbec as well as Honeyweiss beer. In true Everythingtarian style, we drank the Honeyweiss before dinner and were forced to go back to the alcohol store for more beer for dinner.

This time, I chose New Glarus Spotted Cow (a.k.a. my favorite beer ever).

Upon my guests’ arrival, we all caught up and mingled for a bit…

…before I turned my cousin Princess Palabi into a budding food blogger and got down to foodie business in my lil’ apartment kitchen.

A short hour and a half later, it was Thai-me to eat.

Cheers and happy birthday to Auntie Godzilla!

The final verdict? Not only did I have so much fun eating + laughing with my fam, but the dinner party went REALLY smoothly. Best of all, I had a blast doing it.

What did my family think? In addition to the almost perfect scores I garnered for presentation, taste, cohesiveness/theme and overall, the proof was in the text messages I received from them as they drove back to Illinois…

“Exquisitely executed…”

“Sophisticated hominess…”

“Delightfully artistic presentation…”

“A festive feast fit for a queen…”

“A palate parade…”

“A recipe of unforgettable memories…”

I swear, those are their words and not mine.

But the fun did not stop there.

No siree.

When in Madison, Wisconsin on Halloween weekend, a time where more than 10,000 people congregate to celebrate all things scary and the one socially-acceptable day for women to dress as a skanky ho, one must head out on the town out for a drank.

Or two.

One Bitter Woman IPA coming right up!

I told you my family didn’t need food to have a deliciously good time.

We just need beer.