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by Holly on February 14, 2010

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Even though I haven’t mentioned him on the blog, I should tell you guys I indeed have a valentine this year.

It’s a relatively new relationship, which is why I have hesitated to say anything.  But I will say…he’s sleek, super intelligent, black and is VERY entertaining.  Basically, we’ve been connected at the hip every since we got together.  Last night, we spent all night in bed listening to music and watching “Annie Hall.”

Okay, okay…here is a picture of him…

Mu ha ha! Could you see that one coming from a mile away? I may not have a “real” valentine this year, but I certainly did splurge this weekend: on an iPhone!  I have been looking to upgrade for awhile, and when my dad said I could get on our family plan (which with Internet + everything, will be CHEAPER than what I currently pay), the deal was done.

I am in love with it and will now be more connected to technology than I already am :).

Yesterday, Mama + Daddy Everythingtarian came into town, and we headed straight to our fave breakfast place: Sunroom Cafe. They have these whole wheat pancakes that are T.D.F., of which I got the banana chocolate chip variety with a cup of fruit

An unpictured lemon blackberry scone went eaten by Mama + I while we waited for our food, which means I wasn’t able to quite finish the pancakes.  But trust me when I say, I made an impressive dent.

We shopped, walked around, toured the Capitol, went to Whole Foods, bought groceries (thank you Mama + Daddy!!!), bought aforementioned iPhone and skedaddled around town before heading to the new vegetarian restaurant in town called The Green Owl Cafe.

The cafe is uber-cute and features a small, but delectable menu. Daddy Everythingtarian ordered the Vegetarian Jambalaya (which he loved!) while Mama Everythingtarian + I shared the Middle-Eastern Platter, which had…

hummus, tabouli, muhammara (roasted red pepper and walnut spread) and baba ganoush served with toasted pita, olives and pickled vegetables

…before moving on to the vegan Crabby Cake Po’Boy with a side of kale crisps!

(all taken with the iPhone camera)

Everything was very tasty, relatively inexpensive and fresh.  We WILL be going back again.

I fell asleep like a grandma watching “Annie Hall” last night at 8:45pm, which means I was up and at’em at 5am.  I downloaded some apps + music of iTunes, finished the rest of the movie and then busted out a 60-Minute Dave Farmar yoga podcast.

Pre-yoga fuel…

And another slice post-yoga :).

Morning errand time included coffee, Target and two grocery stores (a.k.a. the perfect Sunday morning). By the time all was said, done and put away, it was time for lunch!

***NEW PRODUCT ALERT*** (for me at least)

The lovely people at Gardein sent me coupons to try out some of their products, and this was the #1 item I had my eye on…

Fully stocked with groceries, I took the liberty of concoting a stellar snack plate, which featured: carrots, cauliflower, 3 Gardein crispy tenders, Mary’s Gone Crackers Sticks & Twigs in curry, salsa and artichoke spinach dip. The whole shebang…

The “meat” of the meal…

…and you can’t forget the dippers!

Verdict: The Gardein crispy tenders tasted EXACTLY LIKE chicken fingers.  Seriously.  I was nervous as I took the first bite, but it all went away.  They were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  If I hadn’t known they were made of seven grains, I probably just would have guessed they were actually chicken fingers!

The only downside…these products are a bit expensive.  Most of the ones I saw were around $5 each for two servings.

To finish lunch off, I devoured the last 1/2 of the Pumpkin Cookie I picked up at the co-op last night.  Yes, I purposely chewed it into 1/2 a heart, because it IS Valentine’s Day after all…


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