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by Holly on July 11, 2010

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There are some big things poppin’ in the Everythingtarian household.

For one, I had a big’ ol bagel, big ol’ schmear of cream cheese, big ol’ apple and a big ol’ coffee for breakfast yesterday morning.

When I say big things are happening, food is clearly involved.

Second, I have one big regret: I should have copycatted Jenny a long time ago by crushing pretzels over my food. Crushed pretzels in a yog mess?

1 cup Light n’ Fit Vanilla yog
1 cup berries
1/4 cup Bear Naked granola
1/4 cup crushed pretzels

Serious BIG love to that concoction. Trust me, that will make a reappearance soon.

It was a big weekend for Sissy Everythingtarian #3, as we celebrated her going from this…

…to this…

…with a party to celebrate her high school graduation, of course!

It’s probably fair to say we’ve all grown up in the 18 years since Kendra’s birth. I mean, us sisters have gone from this…

Notice the matchy-matchy outfits in varying colors?

To this…

Thank the sweet heavens for something called maturity and hair product.

Both of which I’ve clearly acquired since that picture was taken.


In preparation for the party, we gussied up the backyard with flowers…

A lovely spread of picnic food, featuring Davanni’s subs, fruit salad, pasta salad, chips, Rice Krispie bars, pop, beer and wine…

And some butt slapping…ya know, for family comraderie?

It was SO FANTASTIC to hang out with my family, see my extended family and just chit chat with friends of the family all Saturday long. I believe throughout the afternoon and evening, I had four mini sub sandwiches and a couple cups of fruit salad along with a handful of trail mix and a beer.

Multiply the beer x2, for good measure.

We frolicked in my sister’s recently renovated backyard…

…cuddled my new little cousin Lisbon…

…and laughed when Kendra received this Minnesota Twins Snuggie.

Minnesotah pride. You betcha.

I believe the night ended with what may be the greatest food invention ever: the mini ice cream sammie!

This morning, I awoke bright and early to meet my soulmate, Charlotte. You see, Binks and I studied abroad together in London back in college and bonded over Mary Kate + Ashley movies, danceline posing, Diet Coke and generally acting like weirdos. I mean, how else do you go from calling someone Charlotte -> Char -> Char Char Binks (ahem, like Jar Jar Binks?) -> just Binks?

Nuff’ said.

Anyways, we had some major catching up to do, so we went on a lovely 4-mile walk/run before coming back to her new house for the most delicious of breakfast spreads.

Clockwise from top left:

  • Coffee w/ milk
  • Diet Coke (yes, with breakfast – another reason I <3 Binks)
  • peanut butter banana chocolate chip pancake
  • bacon + parsley mini frittatas
  • potato pancake
  • fruit salad

And of course, there was a side of dog – Wire-Haired Griffon, to be exact – in the forms of Sprocket and Otto…

Those are probably the only and will be the only dog pictures I ever show on this blog. Enjoy them while you can. To put it nicely, I am not the hugest fan of animals. I blame a horrid childhood incident involving our neighbor’s 7-foot show poodle.

However, I have to say there was one really important question poppin’ this weekend.

See that guy in the middle?

Ya know, the one we are sexually assaulting in this picture?

Say hello to the Future Brother-in-Law Everythingtarian!

That’s right – after 10 1/2 years of dating, my older sister and her boyfriend are FINALLY engaged.

All I have to say is, get ready for the funnest wedding ever.

Yes, funnest.

The Everythingtarian Family + a dance floor = BIG booty shakin’.

Now THAT is poppin’.

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Charlotte July 18, 2010 at 9:56 pm

1. I love that you explained my nickname.
2. We ARE soulmates in oh so many ways.
3. I firmly believe that DC can be drunk at any time of the day.

Cant wait for you to come again…how I have missed thee!

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