Budgets + Beginnings

by Holly on September 1, 2009

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As I strolled out the door this morning into the gorgey, crisp mild air, I bounded with joy on my walk to work. The first day of September; my bloggy readers left me some awesome comments on yesterday’s post (which I was slightly nervous to write); my first payday of the new job; there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and somehow, I felt as though anything was possible.

Pay off my credit cards? No problem.

Run a marathon? Dude, done and done.

Stick to my budget of $50 a week in spending money until I get paid next? Bring it on.

Stop biting my nails? Today is the day!

Cure the common cold, instill world peace and become the first female prez? Why not?

Obviously, yours truly is a bit eager and perhaps naive, but I love the feeling of new beginnings!  Happy September! I rang in the coming of mother fall with perhaps the best yog mess of my life.

1 cup Stonyfield BaNilla yog
Vegan Tropical Breakfast Bar
sprinkle o’ flax
sliced naner
sprinkle o’ coconut



As I mentioned, today was my first PAYDAY.  Hallelujah…my wallet thanks you new employer!

However, my wallet hates you rental company for making my rent due on the same day I get paid and lessening my joy about my overflowing checking account.


Some dried apples + almonds for snackie.

Lunch du jour: Amy’s Indian Samosa Wrap, two red farmer’s market plums + Kashis (a.k.a. crack).


As fate would have it, my girl Low blogged about the Carrot Cake Clif Bar this morning and recommended microwaving it for a warm lil’ treat.  Luckily, I took the gal’s advice and mmmmm, delishness!

I don’t think it tastes like actual carrot cake, but it was still one of my fave flavors. Holllaaaaa to my new college homegirl!


After work, I scarfed a handful of Kashi crackers and ran (literally) to the rental place to hand over the check (reluctantly, may I add), then finished up a loop totaling 5 miles.  My legs were still feeling a bit fatigued from Saturday’s 18-miler so I knew I wanted a nice protein boost to repair my muscles when I got home…



Without this gal in my life, I would not have ranch cottage cheese goodness in my life.

Without these two gals, I would not have 85% dark choc + AB (and my own touch…a sprinkle of cinnamon!) in my life.

Alright kiddos, this gal is going to shower, catch up on episodes of The Office from last season, read “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and take the night off from all blog-related thangs (including reading).  Technology can wait and harass me tomorrow.

Two question time!

(1) What is one of your favorite foods or combinations you learned from other bloggers?  Gosh, this one is hard but whoever invented overnight oats should be heralded with a parade!

(2) What book or TV show are you really into right now?  My answers are obv the ones above, but I do have to add Arrested Development to the mix.  I could watch every episode a million times and still laugh at Tobias Funke’s denim shorts.