by Holly on February 11, 2013

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We all know what happened last time I tried to complete a cleanse. Let’s just say it was quickly interrupted with a buffet of reuben egg rolls, a vegetable antipasto platter and several beers (photo evidence here). Cleanses and myself…well, we really don’t get along with one another too well. I like to eat. I […]

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Every few months it seems, I am in need of a cleanout. First, my pantry. If TLC decided to do a TV spin-off called “Food Hoarders,” I think I’d qualify for the show. The things I found while cleaning out my cupboards this weekend include, but are not limited to: a mini pair of scissors, […]

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I tried. I really did. In fact, I tried successfully for nearly 22 hours. Alternating between carrot apple ginger + apple kale parsley juice and lemon water (8 ounces H2O + juice of 1 lemon), I spent almost an entire day detoxifying my liver, organs and digestive system with nutrient-rich fruit + vegetable juices. I’m still […]

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the juice fast, day 1

by Holly on May 6, 2011

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I am an Everythingtarian. I will proudly inhale a tabbouli, hummus + pita plate, Bad Breath Burger, two beers and honey ricotta cheesecake dinner just as easily as I packed down a vegan Cinco de Mayo feast last night, which was for the record, a smashingly good array of guacamole + blue corn chips, sweet potato + […]

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one week later.

by Holly on March 5, 2011

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One week ago, I set out a recalibration plan for myself to well…recalibrate. Sometimes life gets crazy (i.e. this is what I’ve been dealing with at work for three weeks) and seemingly normal actions like exercising, eating healthy, relaxing, writing a blog and watching the latest episode of The Bachelor are not of top priority. Sometimes […]

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