A Tuesday Letter

by Holly on August 8, 2011

in family

To my dearest Everythingtarian family, I love you. And while I appreciate the fact you love me back, give your endless support to whatever crazy idea travel venture I conjure up, don’t get mad at me when I steal the last of the toilet paper (and fail to replace it with a new roll) and […]

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A Typical Easter

by Holly on April 25, 2011

in breakfast,family,holidays,weekend

A haphazard family brunch. Cinnamon raisin French toast, roasted vegetable tart, fruit salad, three different kinds of juice, hardboiled eggs, everything-flavored pretzel rings, tea and coffee. A 6 1/2 mile family run (and by family, I mean me and my brother-in-law). Mama Everythingtarian attempting to bike alongside us runners with a Starbucks venti green tea […]

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A Beer Story

by Holly on March 19, 2011

in dinner,eating out,family,Wisconsin

You may be shocked to know I used to hate beer. Throughout my four years of college, I never drank this most delicious fermented libation. Ever. Mixed vodka drinks in plastic water bottles? Yes. Diet Coke & Malibu? Most certainly. The occasional glass of wine? Obvs. But never beer. It probably explains why to this […]

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The Last Hurrah

by Holly on January 3, 2011

in family,holidays,randomness

If I don’t see another Christmas cookie or treat in awhile, I’m okay with that. This past weekend however, I couldn’t be okay with that. It was the last hurrah: the final celebration of Christmas 2010. This time the festive season ended Saturday with my dad’s side of the family, which is totally cool, because […]

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A Doggone Christmas

by Holly on December 26, 2010

in breakfast,dinner,family,holidays

If there is one thing you need to know about the Everythingtarian family, it’s that we are NOT animal lovers. Like, at all. Since Daddy E is majorly allergic, we did not grow up with cats, dogs or other furry friends around our house. To add fuel to the pet-hatin’ fire, there have been some […]

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