I am not a good baker…nor really even a regular average baker. Baking requires a hefty pinch of patience and preciseness that I simply don’t possess. Cups must be packed and leveled. The batter must be folded gently and scooped carefully into baking tins. Ingredients are mixed in set ratios and proportions that my non-scientific […]

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by Holly on August 7, 2012

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Some days, I need lots of reminders. Because you know how sometimes you know things…but even though you know them, you don’t really put them into practice? Like, I know I should floss everyday to add years onto my life even though my teeth are lucky if they meet the minty string more than once […]

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Change makes me a crazy person. Last night, while laying on the couch after a perfect rainy summer Saturday spent going to the farmer’s market, napping + making Joy the Baker’s Tomato Cobbler with Blue Cheese Biscuits, I suddenly found my poor lungs lurching for breath realizing the inevitable: I’m getting old. It’s not because […]

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In the spirit of living freely¬†and in the moment, may I suggest 10 things to do before summer is over? Do one or do all but whatever you do, make sure to have a great last weekend of July. (1) Take a weekend getaway! Just this summer, I’ve gone on a weekend cheese tour of […]

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by Holly on July 23, 2012

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Life has been…well, busy. It seems as though time is passing far too quickly, and I, in no way, can keep up. Weekends come and go, summer is now halfway over, and it all leaves me lingering on an article I read several weeks ago. An article I couldn’t help rereading over and over again […]

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