C’est La Vie

by Holly on November 10, 2009

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5:30am: Alarm goes off in hopes of completing a morning 60-minute yoga podcast a la Dave Farmar.

5:35am: Second alarm goes off in hopes of completing a morning 60-minute podcast a la Dave Farmar.

6:45am: I roll out of bed after drifting in and out of sleep for the last hour and 10 minutes.  Then I groggily walk to the bathroom to pee when I am immediately disturbed by the image I see in the mirror before realizing that it’s just me. C’est la vie.

6:51am: Breakfast is enjoyed while reading all your fab giveaway entries and blogging about yesterday’s epic oatmeal.

1/3 cup oats
2/3 cup organic skim milk
pinch of salt
1/3 cup canned b-nut squash
1/2 small naner
1 tsp. maple syrup
cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice + ginger
1 spoonful DCD PB


7:41am: I begin the 1-mile walk to work and on my way, stop in at the local coffee shop as I do most mornings for a medium coffee with skim milk (*hint to my friends + family*: Holly needs a French press for Christmas).

7:50am: A homeless man in a Starter jacket says good morning to me.  As I respectfully return the sentiment, he then proceeds to smooch his lips and pretend to air kiss me several times.  I teeter between lecturing him about how it’s almost 2010 and women are to no longer be objectified and walking faster.  I pick up my pace.

8:03am: I arrive to work sweating – cardio workout completed.

10:00am: My stomach starts audibly churning.  I pick up my apple butt (or, insert another inappropriate word here) and start chomping.

11:30am: After a decent morning of productivity, I can’t stand the hunger pains any longer.  I whip out some of my Moroccan Chickpea Stew (can’t give out the recipe…yet ;)) and go to town on some FSTG yellow corn chips.



12:07pm: Check People and find out Kelly Kapowski is pregnant.  Unfortunately, not with Zack’s baby.

12:13pm: Get up to go to the bathroom and fall flat on my face.  I try to explain to Natalie that my foot got caught on the armrest, but all we can do is laugh.  C’est la vie.

12:46pm: I am still hungry.  I try to quell the hunger by sipping my first can of Zevia in Black Cherry.


12:47pm: After enjoying a few sips, I realize that this might be a good alternative to my rampant Diet Coke habit.

12:58pm: I see a Diet Coke in the fridge and ask Natalie if I can have it.  She agrees.  I feel the first cool drop of the aspartame-laden, caramel colored-filled soda on my lips and realize Zevia has nothing on the artificial sweetened goodness of DC.

1:30pm: Chris comes back to the office with Mint Truffle Hershey Kisses.


1:31pm: I eat 5 of them, and they taste just like an Andes mint.

2:35pm: My hunger is yet again out of control.  I break out my emergency stash of raw almonds and binge my heart out (this amount x2).


4:00pm: My motivation levels begin to run low.  I resort to reading blogs, Facebooking, checking my bank account, hilariously GChatting with two of my fave ladies and pretty much anything else to avoid doing work.

4:45pm: I realize I still have 45 minutes before the big dinner + lecture, so I get back on the productivity train and hammer out some organizational to-do lists for work.

5:35pm: Steph and I arrive at Kabul Restaurant to meet some friends for an Afghan-inspired dinner.  For the next hour, we chat, debate, laugh and eat good food.  I regret not taking pics of the lovely hummus + pita platter as well as the vegetable-stuffed artichoke dish I got, but again, c’est la vie!  Life is to be enjoyed.

7:00pm: We arrive at the lecture given by Dan Ariely about being “Predictably Rational.” In human terms, he talks about how economic theorists based many of their beliefs off the assumption people were rational.  However, Ariely makes the argument people are IRRATIONAL (obvs) and explains how that relates to everyday decision-making.  Intense but supremely interesting.  I retained…oh maybe…60% of it?

9:00pm: I made the 2-mile walk home while talking to my bestie Ashley.  Love that girl.

10:13pm: I am blogging, drinking Gingerbread Chai tea (amazing) and determined to wake up tomorrow at 5:30am to squeeze in my 3rd yoga sesh of the week.  I need to complete my first week of the yoga challenge!  Then I shall floss and deem myself queen of the challenges, HRH Holly the Healthy Everythingtarian.

11:00pm: The time I predict I will be in bed.  C’est la vie! Bed will happen when it happens.