Classy Drunk Food

by Holly on October 9, 2009

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FYI: Yog messes are a great way to start a morning.

1 cup Stonyfield Lowfat Vanilla yog
1 crumbled Cascadian Farms Harvest granola bar
1 sliced naner
2 tbsp. Mighty Maple PB



I can’t help but overdose on nut butter.  If that’s the worse OD I face in life however, I think I am doing okay.

Lunchie lunch was bought (ugh, 2nd day in a row going out, which is totes NOT budget-friendly!).


Even if it’s not in the budget, Tofu Panang Curry tastes soooooooo good.

The candy corn? Meh, not so much.


To be honest, the only way I like to eat candy corn is with salted peanuts.  It tasted like a salted nut roll.  You know you want some of that.

Dinner was a rando stir fry

1 tbsp. coconut oil
3 kale leaves
1 cup broccoli
large handful spinach
pinch salt
couple dashes garlic powder
smothering of BBQ love
7 Dominex eggplant meatballs


A delicious mess.

After much unproductivity today (besides belting my heart out to Broadway songs on Natalie and I’s well-crafted Pandora Broadway radio station), I met some friends for a wine tasting at an uber-fun wine + coffee house.



A cute place with organic wines?  Count this gal IN!

Look at this glass.  Multiply it by 8 different wines.  That’s how much I drank.  It was glorious.


I am a red wine kinda gal.  Preferably malbec, pinot noir or cab.  After 8 tasting glasses, I was feelin’ it (the wine, that is).

The wine party continued at another fave Madtown joint, where classy drunk food was consumed.


More wine + Italian focaccia, lovingly dipped in olive oil.  Gosh, if only I had known how good classy drunk food tasted when I was 19.  I mean, come on: bread + olive oil or late-night Taco Bell?

The goods continued with an appetizer sampler platter shared among us – calamari, fried ravioli, zucchini + goat cheese bruschetta and classic bruschetta.



Followed up with a I-know-I-can’t-afford-this-but-I-need-pumpkin-ice-cream-for-dessert.

Trust me, I needed it.

While I stayed with wine the whole night, my friend Brett guzzled some brews all night.



He obviously wanted a shout-out on the blog :).

When it came time to pay, we were treated to the 15% off, “Eric’s a perv,” discount.


He knows the owners.

Alrighty kiddos, I am stuffed and ready to begin working out again tomorrow. It’s been a week of relaxing and indulgences, but it is time to jump back on the clean eating + exercise train!  I don’t want to miss my stop, so I am heading to bed in time to wake up for 10:15am Hatha Yoga.

Stay tuned for an awesome Q+A as well as a weekend recap!

What are you up to this weekend? My aunt, uncle and cousins are coming into town tomorrow for a brief visit, so I will be entertaining the troops.  Sunday may or may not involve a trip to the mall to go shopping for brown riding boots.  Just sayin’…