Cool Hand Holly

by Holly on October 13, 2009

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I didn’t really pick this title other than (a) I thought it sounded cool, (b) I love Paul Newman (his honey mustard is the best!), (c) in the movie, I like that Luke doesn’t conform to the system and (d) Luke ate 50 eggs in 1 hour (shout out to Uncle Tom!).  If you haven’t seen it, Cool Hand Luke is a classic.

Warning: It seems as though I am in a mood where this post could get uber-random.

Breakfast = one glorious jar of Pumpkin Oats.

1/3 cup oats
1/3 cup water + 1/3 cup organic skim milk
pinch salt
1/3 cup pumpkin puree
drizzle of Xagave
cinnamon, ginger + nutmeg
1 almost empty jar PB
1 tbsp. dark chocolate chips



You should have seen how bee-you-ti-full it was all swirled up.

Snacktime was the next bag of Nature Valley granola nut clusters I was so graciously sent by MyBlogSpark: Honey Roasted Peanut.


Honey-Roasted DELICIOUS is more like it.

Lunch was a bit of this, a bit of that: raw veggies (green peppers + carrots) and a yog mess.



Speaking of yog messes, check out my guest post on my girl Angharad’s blog: Eating for Yog Messes.  There may or may not be a step-by-step tutorial to creating the most delicious yog messes EVER.

The afternoon involved some work, more snackage and lots of yawning. At approximately 5:45pm, yours truly made her return to running.

A 6 1/2 mile return if I do say so myself.

In my defense, my friend Brett and I only planned on 5 miles but somebody got her directions wrong.  Oops!  We took the miles pretty slow and steady.  Including a 1/2 mile cool down, it took us about 1 hour 15 minutes.

When I got home, I was ready to devour. And I did.


That would be a Sunshine Barbecue patty with BBQ sauce, a POM Kiwi spritzer and a whole sheet pan of garlic parmesan kale chips. I don’t mess around.

Then I took a bath, brewed some Cinnamon Apple Spice tea, wrapped myself in a huge grandma sweater robe and am now sitting on my bed hoping I remember to post everything I planned on posting.  I can’t remember little things for the life of me but have a really good memory. Does that make sense?

  • Got some good sustainable cooking recipes?  Head over here to enter a contest and win some fab loot!
  • Join the new Stonyfield Rewards Program and turn in your yogurt tops for points.  Points add up ya know, and just like you did at Chuck E. Cheese when you were little, redeem them for prizes!
  • Thanks for all the love and well wishes on my new recipe that will hopefully get me to San Francisco for the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival! (And, if you haven’t voted for me yet, do it now!)
  • Due to popular demand, there will be a 2nd VLOG coming soon.

And lastly, this past weekend the PB queen herself Jenny spread the love to me with the sweetest post.  It totally made my day. So, I vowed Miss Jenny that I would forward it on and spread the love myself…

Today, I am going to spread the love to Miss Abby.  Her honest, relatable and downright
writing make me think, laugh and feel so grateful for her blog.  She is able to put into
words a lot of issues regarding food honestly and without fear – because let’s face it, we all have issues.
And she sends awesome e-cards before people’s very 1st marathons.