Dynamic Duos

by Holly on November 24, 2009

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There’s Gary and Ace


…as well as Europe + the Eurotrash mullet…


…in addition to Barbara Wawa Walters + 20/20


…and well, we can’t forget Aubrey O’Day and the phrase “hot mess.”


I am pretty sure President Obama wishes her dress had said, “Bad girls <3 McCain.”  Hers is a vote no one wants.

Anyways…this is a healthy living blog so it would only be right if we shifted our focus back on food.  Dynamic duos of the food world!  Yes, that sounds like way more fun.

It started out with breakfast and the classic pairing of oatmeal + almond butter

1/3 cup rolled oats
1/3 cup water + 1/3 cup organic skim milk
pinch of salt
1 smashed naner
drizzle of agave
almond buttah


Rich, chewy, nutty and delicious.

Mini-lunch #1 consisted of a relatively new duo in my life – red curry lentils + roasted kabocha squash.  This dynamic pair is both spicy and sweet as well as texturous and smooth.


I am not even sure texturous is a word, but I am just going to go with it.

Mini-lunch #2 involved two crunchy foods destined to be eaten together…honey whole wheat pretzel twists + chili lime almonds!


I might have to make this a dynamic trio however, because it was all chowed down with a Diet Coke.  And well…Diet Coke just makes everything taste better.

Mini-lunch #3 was a simple yet effective yog mess consisting of plain Greek yog + HFCS-laden Smuckers raspberry preserves…


Tangy and sweet.

Over the lunchtime hour, I made a quick run to Walgreens, which ended up with me discovering the very latest (and awesomest) in dynamic duos: towers + tea!

Slide1Or tea towers.  Whichever you prefer.  That would be Apple Cider, Eggnog’n and Ginger Snappish tea all in one ribbon-wrapped package.  I am pretty sure I thought I had died and gone to tea tower heaven.

Dinner was a dynamic duo of duo proportions: coconut oil + cheetahs or cheetahs + Eggnog’n tea.  Again, whichever you prefer.


More fabulous dynamic duos, you ask?

What is one of your favorite dynamic duos? Food-related, pop culture-related, nothing-related…I don’t care!


Emily (The Experimentarian) November 26, 2009 at 7:22 am

Gah! Look at that TEA! I keep wanting to try those flavors, but I think most of them have black tea. :(

Fave duo: Me and my hubby :) Second fave: you and your blog! Love you girl!

glidingcalm November 27, 2009 at 10:47 am

Mama Everythingtarian!! I am so jealous that you scored Bigelow’s Eggnoggn!! that is my ALL time favorite tea and I haven’t had it for like 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have pumpkin spice and apple cider at my grocery, but not Eggnoggn!


yayyyy kabochaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and lentils!!!

hope you are having a wonderful holday!!


Stephanie November 27, 2009 at 11:16 am

Chili lime almonds! This would be a Trader Joe’s product, I presume?

BODA weight loss

janetha November 29, 2009 at 10:22 pm

holler! haha. i am so glad i am good at guessing games. i am also good at posting comments late.. hmmm.. woops. my bad!

your oats look creamy and dreamy and i love the lentil hot steamy photo of glory!!

and i love that i have 4 more posts :)

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