Fall Makes Me Happy

by Holly on September 28, 2009

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Simple as that.

The happiness train of fall left the tracks last night when I bought this Cinnamon Spice candle on sale at the mall.  I raced home, lit it next to my bed, felt the cool wind blow through the windows, cuddled in my bed with my laptop (reading blogs, obv) and sipped on Pumpkin Spice Tea.  Choo choo to fall!


There is no better smell than a cinnamon candle on a cool fall day…Mama Everythingtarian will vouch for me on that.

The train then entered extremely happyville when I devoured this breakfast oh so early this morning (which was enjoyed under the warm covers of my bed)…

1/3 cup oats
2/3 cup brewed Pumpkin Spice tea
1/2 cup pumpkin
drizzle of agave
cinnamon, ginger + nutmeg
2 tbsp. dark chocolate chips
1 1/2 tbsp. peanut butter




Worst thing ever. I literally had to choke down the bowl. (*ahem* sarcasm *ahem*)

My walk to work was glorious.  The cool wind was blowing; I had a scarf around my neck; it was a chilly 52 degrees; I was carrying a warm cuppa joe; and my face was plastered with a goofy smile the whole time.  Have I mentioned I LOVE fall?

Trail mix also reminds me of fall – especially when the trail mix train contains cranberries, raisins, almonds + pistachios.


I forgot one of the best fall-themed parts of my day: I wore a tights + boots to work! Again, fall makes me happy.

Yesterday, I concocted a lil’ recipe per the advice of Brandi.  I told her I had a can of coconut milk to use up, and she recommended Kath’s recipe for Coconut Cauliflower Chana.  I followed the directions, except for the fact I halved it and substituted more sweet potatoes + cauliflower because I had no carrots, bell pepper or chickpeas.

This was most certainly eaten last night for dinner, as well as for lunch today…


The afternoon was spent doin’ work, snacking on blue corn tortilla chips + celery + hummus + a banana (not all together) and leaving work early.  Why am I leaving work early yet again?

For more work. No lie.

I had a group interview to work part-time retail through the holidays (another reason I love fall: the best holidays are right around the corner). Yours truly could use some extra cash, and the fact that I will get a killer clothes discount doesn’t hurt either.  Cross your fingers for me – mama needs to pay some bills!

Dinner was quick: egg + pepperjack cheese sammie on an Ezekiel English muffin with a sliced apple.


The fall train ended the day with a cuppa Pumpkin Spice Tea.  I am sipping it now, smiling like a big goof and wearing slippers and a huge oversize sweatshirt.  If I get motivated to crawl out of bed, I may hop on the mat for some yoga, but let’s not push it people.

What is your absolute favorite thing about fall? Mine is fall walks – there is something so fresh and romantic about walking in the cool, crisp air.  I know, total dork.

T-minus 6 days…


Jenna September 29, 2009 at 5:32 pm

that sounds like a perfect fall evening!

Jenny September 29, 2009 at 7:10 pm

I can’t help but smile when I think about pumpkin and apples and cinnamon and scarves and boots and football games. Why can’t it be fall year round?

<3 love you tons and tons Hollybear!

jessica October 1, 2009 at 1:29 am

I know this is your intention, but this post just REEKS fall!!!! I love it :)

Have you told us what kind of Pumpkin Spice Tea that is?! I need it, I want itttt.
And I want that bowl of oatmeal. Oooh it will be so sweet when I make my first batch of (CHOCOLATE-Y) pumpkin oats, while home over Thanksgiving break!

And agreed. Crisp post-dinner walks are my fave. Well, especially during the christmas time! I love lookin’ at all the house lights with my mama, aww.

LOVE YA HOLLY! xooo, time for this girl to hit the hay.

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