Flashback Thursday

by Holly on January 28, 2010

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Today at work = Crazytown…again.

Literally, the only thing I ate today even worth mentioning is this epic scone…

That would be an Apple Cinnamon Honey Almond Scone to be exact.

Since my eats fell far short of being blogworthy (ahem, beer + apple sauce + raw veggies…nothing fun.  If it had involved, let’s say, 3 or 4 beers, that would be another story)…I suddenly felt in a reminiscent mood and decided there was no better time for FLASHBACK THURSDAY!!!

Janetha, I know it’s not quite as catchy as Flashback Friday, but I promise it will still be fun :).

You can catch my first flashback here, FYI.

Otherwise, let’s take a first class ride halfway across the world to beautiful THAILAND! As many of you long-time readers may know, I spent just under a year teaching English in Thailand from late 2007 into mid-2008.  Located 45 minutes outside Bangkok, I taught at a school is Saimai and came back to America with TONS (literally!) of hilarious stories.

My adventures included many rides in tuk-tuks

Ahhh those were the days of my long hair, tanned skin and blonde ambition.  *sigh*

Throughout the months, I saw, experienced and explored my fair share of wats (temples)…

…as well as ate myself silly with bla (fish) balls, soups, rice, rice noodles, peanuts, som tam, more rice, fresh pineapple…

Clearly, I was already a food blogger-in-training :).

I did A LOT of wai-ing…

I promise I was really good about showing my respect to Buddha.  What up homie?!?!

I got my drank and dance on…

Due to some other issues, I didn’t drank or dance as much as I should have.  But hey, no regrets, right?  I had a couple fantastic nights (see above), and that is something to be appreciated.

Oh yeah! I did some teaching too :).

“Poetry sings in my heart.” Yes, that was one of the names of our shows at school.  I don’t lie.  Can you spot me in the crowd? (It’s not that hard, haha.)

I definitely ate more food (sporting my fave Wisconsin Mom t-shirt)…

Are you saying you don’t believe me when I said I ate?  (And ate lots for that matter!)

Take a looksie…

Two thangs: (a) notice the bear-shaped rice, and (b) look at my hand-carved vegetable (by moi!).

I made the best of friends…

Seriously, I love this kid.

I performed in Thai cultural shows…

After my Oscar-worthy performance, I got a multitude of offers from the Thai movie industry.  Unfortunately, I had to turn them down.  My performances were just too good ;).

And of course, I definitely went a little crazy living in such a new, different country…

But really, how is that any different than now?

So there you go…a total A.D.D. flashback of my time in Thailand! It was fun, frustrating, trying, exciting, hilarious, inspiring, exasperating, adventurous, happy, sad and life-changing all at the same time.  If ANYONE is thinking about traveling, studying or teaching abroad, DO IT.  I swear it will be the best money you ever spend.  I am a firm believer that taking yourself completely out of your comfort zone is a humbling experience we should all have.

With that, I’m out. This has literally been the longest week ever.  Buuutttt…I am heading home to the Everythingtarian casa this weekend for some R, R and DVR (rest, relaxation and DVR).  SO. EXCITED.

What are the top three things you are willing to spend money on? Mine are travel, food and a fabulous-fitting pair of jeans!

What are you up to this weekend? Catching up on sleep, workouts and trashy TV!


Kendel January 31, 2010 at 9:42 am

Thanks for sharing your time in Thailand with us. Which school were you at? Wouldn’t it be a coincidence if it were the same that I visited? Have a relaxing weekend!

Chelsea @ (Chelsea's Chew and Run Fun) January 31, 2010 at 4:11 pm

Gahhhhh, too many things about this post that I loved. Seriously, reading about your foreign adventure made me want to bolt off my couch, drain my savings, buy a plane ticket to Anywhere, Earth and freakin’ wing it in some place new.

I love this statement/philosophy:

“I am a firm believer that taking yourself completely out of your comfort zone is a humbling experience we should all have.”

Three things I’m willing to spend a lil’ extra on are food, travel, and school.

Love you, I will be on gchat tonight (most likely)!

Jessica February 2, 2010 at 11:06 am

Oh myyy….that picture of you in the black top lookin’ all bronzed with some adorable curls up bun-style on yo’ head–I DIE!!!! You’re so cuteee!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I can just tell from the way you DESCRIBE the experience that it was just life-changing. It sounds so fun, and so rewarding….i may have to look into it someday! ;)

And what daaa–your ear in that one pic?! What happened senorita?!!?! Hahahah

Oooh, but I agree with you! Fab-fitting jeans are always worth the extra $$$$. I’ve been wearing this one pair since my junior year of high school! Holllla!!! XOXOXO

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