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by Holly on August 20, 2011

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Soooo…turns out I got diagnosed with bronchitis. No fun. However, I did get an inhaler + bottle of cough syrup WITH codeine, so let me just tell you how well I slept last night. Really well. That’s a good thing too, because today I have wedding #5 of the year, and mama (a.k.a. me) needs to be ready to boogie on down. Enjoy this guest post from Nikki, who writes a lovely blog filled with fun tidbits, recipes and FUN, and have a great weekend!!

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Hi Everythingtarian readers! I’m Nikki from Nikkilooch and so excited to guest post for Holly.

One of my favorite things about Holly’s blog is that she’s always finding her balance. Party, drink some beers, and shake your badonkadonk Friday night? Do it! But then Saturday eat a healthy breakfast, hydrate and do some yoga.

I agree!

Being an army wife, I have to constantly redefine normal and work to keep my balance. My husband (cutie, right?!) has a job that demands a lot of him and of his family. In our 5 years of marriage, he’s been deployed for 27 months to Afghanistan, we’ve lived Italy, moved back to the States just to be told last week we’re packing up soon to go to Germany, I’ve had 3 jobs, gone up and down on the scale, and kissed my husband hello and goodbye too many times to count. Uhh… changes much?

The first time my husband deployed it was for 15 months. We were living in Italy at the time and it was my first time living by myself (without roommates or family around) and in a country where I didn’t yet speak the language. I got the stomach flu 5 times and lost close to 20 pounds from being constantly nauseous. I was unhealthy and felt terrible most of the time because I was always afraid.

Ridiculous fears, too. Afraid I’d fall down the stairs and no one would find me for days. Afraid I’d get a flat tire and not be able to ask anyone for help. Afraid if I ate something other than peanut butter and crackers that I’d make myself sick.

Well, he came home to me safe and sound and I vowed to never let fear control my life again.

I started working out. Cooking most of my meals. Keeping food down. I started doing things even though I was afraid. God pulled me up by my bootstraps and my life changed completely. I found my own version of stability. I started finding my balance.

With the Army one thing is certain, nothing is certain. So I’m constantly rearranging my priorities. Reworking things. Reinventing myself. Finding my balance is a lifelong process that I’m finally enjoying.

It’s nice to know, when I read Holly’s blog, that I’m not the only working at it.

How do YOU find balance? Remember, sharing is caring!


John August 20, 2011 at 2:28 pm

Wow , finding balance is a lot like standing in the middle of a see saw during a hail storm! Constantly adjusting I will say can be a real pain, but it must be good for us to not get to comfortable otherwise we may just end up finding ourselves in a rut. I guess the real trick is to keep smiling while being beaned off the head with hailstones :-)

Hillary August 20, 2011 at 2:35 pm

Love this advice, Nikki. I’ve always been amazed by my friends in military relationships, and I learn so much from their strength, flexibility, and courage. Your story is more proof that, even in the most uncertain and difficult circumstances, it is absolutely possible to do YOU and make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Thanks for sharing!

Charissa August 20, 2011 at 5:23 pm

Wow…I think it’d be so difficult being married to a military man! You must miss him SO much!

Holly August 22, 2011 at 11:21 am

nikki – you are so sweet! so glad you are striving for that balance – keep going, i know you will get there! thanks for this post :)

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