by Holly on July 15, 2013

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I’ve tried to write a post about my tasting at The Wise at Hotel RED about 12 times…but seriously, there are no words. Mostly because I just get distracted by that cheesecake.

Oooohhhh, that cheesecake has my heart.

When Chef John invited me to come taste The Wise’s spring / summer menu a few months ago, the answer was a pretty easy yes. They let me bring my manfriend to join in the fun, and together, we ate a lot of food. A lot of GOOD food. It turns out Chef John likes to keep it local just like me. Our Monday night feast was filled with grass-fed meats, farmer’s market vegetables and a varied host of interesting pairings and tastes which you can clearly see from above, did not suck.

Nearly half the food we sampled did not even make it into this post. That includes a stone fruit + passionfruit salad with avocado + mango, local pork tenderloin with mango relish + gingered cucumber salad, lamb chops with herb pesto (and the best bacon shallot roasted potatoes) and an espresso pot de crème made with Milwaukee-based Alterra coffee, to name a few.

I totally hate the word food porn (porn can stay far away from my food, thankyouverymuch), but it’s the only think I can think of to describe the food. You’ll be happy to know I left with a gluttonous stuffed belly and didn’t eat again until nearly 24 hours later the next day.

If you live in Madison or are swinging through town, give me a call, and I’ll happily meet you at The Wise for dinner + a cocktail (Moscow Mule, please) as long as we can order the cheesecake.