I’m Old. This Hurts.

by Holly on February 21, 2010

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Happy weekend my friends! Long time, no see, eh?

Okay, okay…its only been 3 days since my last post, but I missed y’all!  A lot can happen in three days, ya know? I mean, a gal can eat her weight in cheese, get her first digits from a guy in a looonnggg time, hang with two of her best friends, drink two nights in a row for the first time in a looonnggg time and make some new discoveries.

Is that enough enticing you? Shall we jump right into the weekend action?  Do you want me to stop asking you rhetorical questions?  Huh, do ya?

In the spirit of not alienating you from ever reading my blog again, let’s jump to it.

When you eat this for dinner on a Friday night, you know you’re kickin’ off the weekend right…

That would be Coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate ‘scream + peanut butter.  Ummm, I am pretty sure if heaven exists, it is in this pint.  Andrea, you will NOT regret this addiction :).

On Friday night, two of my bestest friends in the world – Ashley and Megan – arrived to come visit me for the weekend! Seriously, there is nothing like some girl time with your besties to make the world seem right again.

Since I love them so much, I thought it only appropriate to have snacks waiting upon their arrival…

When I say girls’ night, you say wine + cheese.




Not just any cheese however, WISCONSIN CHEESE!

Alongside some stoneground whole wheat crackers + homemade tomato basil tortilla chips, which I made using the Tomato Basil Garlic salt-free seasoning the lovely people at Mrs. Dash sent me awhile ago.

Don’t forget some red wine (of the cabernet sauvignon variety)…boxed-style!

Because boxed wine ain’t just for grammas no mo’.

And some treats, courtesy of NuNaturals and Mama Pea

Mama Pea knows her Vegan Almond Joy Cookie Bars, and she knows them well.

However, despite the massive amount of cheese + cookie bars that were consumed chatting and catching up on the floor of my living room, we all woke up with 1/2 an empty box of wine and a mild hangover.  Let’s just say, us now 25-year-olds don’t quite have the tolerance of our 19-year-old youth.

It’s a good thing there is a quick cure for all of that: more cookies + shopping!

Veggies don’t hurt either…especially since it had been about two days since I had consumed any.

This glorious salad was devoured in about 7 minutes.  If you are ever in Madtown, you MUST eat at The Weary Traveler.  It has some of the best food (for meat eaters, veggies AND vegans!) this town has to offer.  End of story.

After some much-needed nap time, magazine reading time, veg time and computer time, we were ready and rarin’ to go for round two.  Next stop…Cooper’s Tavern!

My lovely dates…

And our lovely meals…

Clockwise, from top left: Beer Cheese Pretzels (shared by all), lamb sandwich with tomato jam and provolone (Ashley), Amy’s salad with goat cheese fritters (Megan) and fish and chips (moi)

Everything was DELICIOUS, and I will definitely be returning here.  As in next week.  No lie.

It all tasted better washed down with this…

Multiply this by about 5 or 6. That is how many beers were consumed throughout the evening.

Us gals barhopped, people watched, met some new friends and smiled for some much needed friend pictures.

I may or may not have scored a miracle telephone number from a cute, smart and attractive lawyer. What is potential dating telephone etiquette anyways? Clearly, I am behind the times and out of that loop.

I am also out of the loop on knowing when we are and when we are not taking funny pictures.

Pretty bird girl.

Name that movie.

This morning, we were up at 8am despite not getting to bed until 2am. Ashley and I slept in my bed, while Megan slept on a mattress in the living room.  And I think her text message (yes, text message) from the next room this morning about sums up our weekend…

“I’m old. This hurts.”

Yes, yes it does.

Luckily, food can usually save the day in instances like this.  Despite our headaches + general sense of feeling old, we headed off to Monty’s Blue Plate Diner for some breakfast lovin’…

The vegan Sweet Potato Hash with Tofu Scramble definitely made me feel better about what I did to my body this weekend.

I’m old. This hurts. And now I have an apartment to clean.

For all you in-the-know people, what is dating phone etiquette these days? Do I wait a day?  Do I call him today?  Do I call him a couple days? HELP!

What was the highlight of YOUR weekend? Mine was (d) all of the above.


Susan February 22, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Aww girly time with the besties!!!! I lovelovelove it :D I have no idea how I had the stamina for going out every Friday and Saturday night, and then still working Saturday and Sunday morning in my early uni days. It took me two days to recover from my latest outing, and it will be a loooong time till I find the energy to do it again :P

Phone etiquette? NO clue!! Was it a cell phone? Would a casual text message be appropriate? I’m not good with phone conversations, they can get awkward reeeeal fast.

Heart ya lady!

Jessica February 22, 2010 at 5:19 pm

Shoooooo I just left you such a fun comment but then my internet died! LAAAAMEEEEE.
Well, if this same spcheel comes up twice, forgive me!!

FIRSTLY, Call that motha up!!!!! Today! Keep him waiting, but not TOO long!
Secondly, you and your girls are GORGEOUS!! Such a cute trio!
Thirdly, my immature mind went straight to thinking that something more… “hurt”!! LOL. Catch my drift?! And you are not old!!!!!!!! YOUNG AND FLYYYYY BABY!!!!!!!

Ps that tofu scramble was made for my taste buds. I want it! Oh! And I texted you yesterday but you are forgiven since i’m sure you were just nursing that hangover!! ;) LOVE U BOO!!!!!

Jenny February 22, 2010 at 6:41 pm

OH your weekend looks so fun! I want to have a wine+cheese party with you!

I don’t play by the rules. So I say if you WANT to call the guy, DO IT! I mean, he is a lawyer ;)

And I love that outfit you are wearing out to dinner! Stripes and red scarf, tres francais!!

Gracie @ Girl Meets Health February 22, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Wait, did he get your number too? In that case, I’m gonna go old-fashioned on you and say wait for HIM to call YOU.

BUT – it seems like he doesn’t have your number. In that case, I personally would just text him. Not out of nervousness, but make it seem nonchalant…like you don’t really care and you just randomly thought to text him. That way he has your number so HE call call YOU :) Yeah yeah, call me a game-player, but guys do the same thing!

Whit February 23, 2010 at 8:41 am

OMG…I go away for a weekend and all this happens. I need details on the hunky man thang, PUHLEEZE!!!

Share, you got my digits already girl!!! ;)

What a fab, fun and funny weekend all around. LOVE it.

Whit February 23, 2010 at 8:41 am

PS: If the guy really likes you, he’ll call…let him do the work. ;) [thats how I roll. but I roll alone, so what good is my advice?]

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