Ironic, Part 2

by Holly on March 18, 2010

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Because if you didn’t catch the irony the first timeit’s like calling the guy who didn’t call you back a douchelord on your blog then having him text you the very next day. And the day after that.  No joke.

‘Tis the story of my life really: irony. And flirting via text.  Flirexting, perhaps?

And so it turns out, Mr. Lawyer and I may have a date after all this weekend. However, in the words of my savior Mama Everythingtarian, I am going to expect the best and PREPARE for the worst.  If rejection happens, I will take my own advice and move on.

Even if he hadn’t texted me, I kind of have a new boyfriend anyways.  His name is Berrynuttzola Oatmeal, and things are getting serious…two mornings in a row serious.

1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup water + 1/2 cup organic skim milk
pinch of salt
1 small smooshed naner
NuNaturals vanilla stevia drops
1 tsp. blackberry jam
blob o’ Nuttzo
small handful vanilla almond granola

I may or may not be stalking him. Just call me the oatarazzi…

And just in case you didn’t get my lame food joke, that was a play on ‘paparazzi.’

Whatever could those lovely whole almonds + toasted oats be?

Do my eyes deceive me?  Could that be GALAXY GRANOLA?

The lovely people over at Galaxy Granola offered to send me some samples as part of their new, “Fruit Not Fat” campaign.  You know how granola can be labeled a health food, but one measly 1/4 cup serving can pack over 200 calories?  Not this stuff! It is baked in applesauce – boasting two apples per bag!  The ingredients are all-natural and each serving (1/4 cup) is only 120 calories.

But the all-important question…how does it taste?

Well, let’s just say the Vanilla Almond flavor helped me create an epic bowl of oats.  I loved the whole almonds in the bag as well as the slightly sweet vanilla flavor.

Today, I knew I had to bust open the Raspberry flavor.  Once I saw freeze-dried whole raspberries in the bag, I had a hunch this would be my fave flavor…

Mixed up with 1 1/2 cups 0% Chobani Greek yog + 1 tbsp. blackberry jam

Ummm…do I even need to tell you my final review?

Crunchy, sweet and light – two thumbs up!

Ooohh…I also have to mention I have had the two BEST workouts in the past two days! Yesterday, I rocked out 5 miles in 42.5 minutes (= 8:30/mile). Yes, my lungs burned, and I wanted to die at the end. However, for just a moment, I felt as though maybe I could give Megan a run for her money.  Or not.

Then today, I ran a mile to the gym, did a killer 60-minute Power Flow Yoga class (with Krazy Hard Karen) and ran 1 mile home.  I am actually blogging in my gym stank right now and thought you all would appreciate that mental picture.

The last of the Lentils with Curried Tarka

…and the last of the Spinach + Pasta Frittata (lovingly slathered in red wine blackberry sauce, naturally)…

…as well as the rest of the grilled chicken + spinach salads.  ‘Tis a sad, sad day.

It’s a good thing there’s nothing ironic about these treats. Y’all know I like my sweets…and the occasional brewsky thrown in for good measure.

Just in case you are wondering…that would be (top left) Starbucks orange blossom green tea w/ two pumps of raspberry + Outrageous Oatmeal Cookie (which is outrageously delicious – cheesy play on words intended). Also, (bottom left) a VeggieGirl blondie with a slather of Nuttzo + topped with dark chocolate. The last one (right) is pretty self-explanatory.

It looks like y’all are in need of a good grill pan.  If you haven’t already, hop over here to enter my giveaway to win a Rachael Ray Hard-Anondized 15″ Oval Grill Pan ($50 retail value)!

And…I updated my Favorite Things page, so you can see what I am currently jammin’ on.

Other than that, I am going to finish devouring my three heads of roasted broccoli (with salt, garlic, red pepper flakes + nutritional yeast), take a leisurely bath and count down the hours to the weekend.

Let me hear it…

What are you doing this weekend?

What’s the best workout you’ve done lately?


mallory March 20, 2010 at 3:18 pm

so many things to love about this post…
1) mr. lawyer… yay for flirtexting! or wait.. flirexting? i’ve already forgotten your sweet new word…
3) beer from the great dane – need to go there soon…

Megan (The Runner's Kitchen) March 20, 2010 at 8:44 pm

Nice job on the run lady! With a pace like that you can take me on anytime :-) I LOVE Starbucks baked goods. Did you know that next Tuesday is FREE pastry day at Starbucks?

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