Keep Calm and Tempeh On

by Holly on March 16, 2011

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I am not a picky eater.

Approximately 99.9% of the time, I’ll happily scarf down anything resembling edible food. From blue boxes of Kraft mac & cheese to roasted pork jowls to entire baking sheets of kale chips to 3/4 of a boxed yellow cake with chocolate frosting (that one was on a dare), chances are I’ll eat it. I’ve never been much of a gambler.

Just don’t serve me olives or mushrooms or grapefruit or cantaloupe.

Then, you will lose. Guaranteed.

However, despite my adventurously curious tastebuds, there are a few other foods I’ve always been skeptical of. Seafood is a tricky one with me – sometimes I enjoy a perfectly grilled piece of salmon while other times I steer clear from that heinous, fishy-smelling aroma. Also, what is the deal with hemp protein powder? It tastes like straight-up mother earth in all her gritty glory, and while I pretended to like it for awhile, I haven’t touched the stuff since August 25, 2009.

And tempeh.

How are you even supposed to pronounce this most curious word?




However you choose to pronounce it (I say tem-puh), this fermented soy product can be scary. I mean, when you open up a package to find your food resembles vacuum-packed brains and smells like sweaty feet, one has the right to be skeptical, no?

But you keep calm and carry on.

That’s what Kate Middleton would do.

And sInce I’m also practically a princess, that’s what I do too.

In the face of tempeh adversity, I turned to one woman and one recipe only: Heidi’s Orange Pan-Glazed Tempeh. I kept calm. I carried on. And I devoured this entire dish.

This recipe is hands down the BEST tempeh dish I’ve ever had.

And to top it off, I served it with kale chips and quinoa as well as conquered another food skepticism of mine: fennel.

Per the advice of one sweet reader named Liz, I bought a small fennel bulb at the co-op last week. I sliced it, roasted it in EVOO + garlic and grated a generous dusting of buttery parmesan cheese over the the top.

And gamble of all gambles, I liked it.

Not surprising, however.

Princesses like Kate and myself are too nice and worldly to be picky eaters.