making up is hard to do

by Holly on December 6, 2010

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I can’t remember the last time I cooked something.

Luckily, I just so happen to have a blog where I record such food things. Based on said blog, the last actual thing I cooked was The Sandwich That Changed My Life, and that was 22 days ago.

I honestly thought after the elections, life would want to slow down, drink a frozen margarita and kick it by the beach for awhile. However, I am quickly learning life is a bit more adventurous than that. Between San Francisco, trips home to MN, holidays and wedding shenanigans all throughout the month of November, I’ve barely had time to spend more than four days in a row at my apartment much less cook.

As a result, instead of talking about food, I’ve scattered the blog with travel posts, fundraising pleas to help Jovenes en Camino and half-hearted attempts at deep, introspective prose.

While I consider this a “life blog,” food is reason I started writing The Healthy Everythingtarian.

I love food.

And I want nothing more to spend an entire day just cooking.

Then, I would obviously photograph + write about it.

But not when I eat the same sunflower seed butter + raspberry jelly toast for breakfast every. single. morning.

Sometimes I may throw in a banana or two clementines to the breakfast mix.

Lunch is even more UN-photographable.

Sometimes it’s been a take-out salad from my fave salad bar (complete with SunBun!). Other times, it’s been cans of soup. Most times, it’s just a random mixture of stuff I can grab as I am running out the door and cursing myself for being late to work.

Greek yogurt with Galaxy Granola + raspberry jelly. Dried apricots. Amy’s Spinach + Feta Pocket. Two large carrots. Two unpictured Diet Cokes as well as 1/ 2 bag of Stacy’s Everything Bagel Chips…all eaten throughout the day.

Dinner has consisted of more toast, meeting up with friends at fun restaurants or even better – being invited to friend’s houses for a homemade spread. Tonight, my lovely host was Rassa, and she made a killer Red Curry Turkey Chili.

While I could say this week is the week I regain my life, get back in the kitchen and whip some magical meals up, that would be a blatant lie.

Tomorrow, my friend + I are going to Pilates, out to dinner then building a lightbox.

Wednesday, I’ve got a dinner date with two lovely ladies.

Thursday, I need to start a freelance writing project due Monday.

But the weekend…that I have free!

So send me some recipes.

I have some serious making up to do with my kitchen.

I really hope he takes me back.