by Holly on March 13, 2011

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I love daylight savings time.

I did not love losing that hour of glorious Sunday sleep this morning, which I am sure is going to be even more apparent tomorrow when my alarm goes off at 6:00am, and I want to cry because it feels like the ungodly hour of 5:00am. I will, however, love leaving work after 5pm and knowing I still have time to go home and run OUTSIDE during daylight. Eeep, daylight!!

Can you sense my excitement?

Daylight, daylight, daylight, dayyyliighhhttt!!!

You see, February was a bit of a off month for me. Every year without fail, I get in a hard-to-break, call-me-Cruella-DeVille-because-I-am-a-crabby-biatch funk. I get sick of being cooped up indoors. I get sick of running on the dreadmill at the gym. I get sick of the bone-chilling cold permanently seeped in my bones. I get sick of root vegetables and yes – gasp! – sweet potatoes.

1 steamed sweet potato
1 t Earth Balance spread
veggie scramble (eggs, spinach + green onion)
parmesan cheese
salt + peppah

When March finally arrives and along with it, longer days, warmer weather and the anticipation of summer; my normal happy self returns. This March however, my normal happy self took a bit longer seeing as Mama Nature decided to dump us Madisonians with six inches of unwelcome snow last week.

That’s when I knew I just needed a bit of a break.

I took a couple days off blogging.

I amped up my workouts (increased half-marathon mileage = increased endorphins).

I went out to eat a lot (ahem, lemongrass ginger martinis, seaweed salad + sushi, Greek pizza, BBQ Chicken pizza + beer included).

I got lots of sleep.

I ate many a runny eggs.

And I feel good.

So good, in fact, that I busted out my 9-mile run today in just over 80 minutes. I came home, stretched, refueled my fatigued muscles, belted it out to En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind” and potentially scared my neighbor out of ever saying hi to me again.

1 cup Stonfield Farms strawberry yogurt
1/4 cup Cranberry Orange Galaxy Granola
1/2 sliced naner
1/2 sliced naner + 1 T almond butter
GT Trilogy Kombucha (my fave flavor!)

Then, in a surprise bout of productivity, I showered, deep conditioned my curly locks, organized my finances, grocery shopped and cleaned my apartment for the first time in weeks (including a complete reorganization + cleanse of my closet), which could only be accomplished with two slices of cold pizza in hand. Obvs.

Ummm, has anybody ever studied the link between increased productivity + eating cold pizza?

I think there’s something there.

Then, it was time for a special date.

Brett {!!!}

He was driving through town, so I met him at a super classy, upscale joint called Olive Garden out by the highway. When yours truly goes to Olive Garden (which hasn’t happened in at least five years), there is one thing and one thing only I order: soup, salad and UNLIMITED breadsticks.

So bad, and yet, so good.

We talked about which flat panel TV stands he wanted to buy for his new apartment, about our upcoming half-marathon race plans and then both ate way too much.

By the way, did you know running 9 miles can be negated simply by eating six breadsticks? Sad.

Anyways, I also stayed busy this weekend with blog updates!

Did you notice…

More updates + changes to be unveiled this week.

Thanks to all my readers and my slew of NEW readers for hanging with me through the funk! Now, if you’ll excuse me, if I go to bed now, I just may be able to trick myself into waking up at 5:00am after all…or was it 6:00am?