Consider the funk gone! Well…first let me back this blog train up a giant step or two and tell you I’ve been in a total funk/rut/the-whole-world-doesn’t-seem-to-make-sense-right-now-so-I-am-going-to-be-crabby-about-it mood for the past couple weeks. I don’t know what it is, but I seem to get in these moods from time to time. I know they are totally […]

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Summer is here, and it’s come in the form of this salad. It’s got crunch…just like the barely alive yellow grass growing outside my window. It’s got girth…just like…ummm…yeah…my grandpa reads this blog…not going there. It’s got cool…the kind of cool we aren’t experiencing this summer and instead, turning to cold showers, our air conditioners […]

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white girl problems

by Holly on June 7, 2011

in breakfast,recipes,silliness

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you will know I am massively (and borderline stalker-ishly) obsessed with three distinct yet equally delicious things: (1) Jake Gyllenhaal (remember this creepy pic?) (2) Anthropologie (3) PB+B toast for breakfast These three things instantly bring a smile to my Everythingtarian face. The thought […]

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Highs + Lows

by Holly on December 12, 2010

in breakfast,dinner,eating out,rambling,recipes

The weekend. Starting at 5pm on Friday, it’s a glorious 55 hours where I am usually able to enjoy doing the things I want to do. These activities include cooking, baking, exercising, reading, shopping, going to Target + spending more money than I can afford, sleeping and hanging with friends. However, this was my first […]

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If you do one thing this week…

by Holly on September 6, 2010

in fun finds,giveaway

In this 21st century of busy schedules, advancing technology (ahem, social media anyone?) and a go, go, go attitude, there isn’t always enough time to do all the things we want. In an ideal world, I would like to wash my hair more than twice this week. And perhaps finish The Queen, which I’ve had […]

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