by Holly on February 11, 2013

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We all know what happened last time I tried to complete a cleanse. Let’s just say it was quickly interrupted with a buffet of reuben egg rolls, a vegetable antipasto platter and several beers (photo evidence here). Cleanses and myself…well, we really don’t get along with one another too well. I like to eat. I […]

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You know your mama was right when she said don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t you? Because it’s true…especially when it comes to food! There’s a good chance you’re looking at the photo below with your head ever-so-slightly cocked to one side and the corners of your mouth pursed as you debate what exactly this […]

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Life as of late has been totally normal. Well, minus my mom asking me if the reason why I got a kidney infection was because I forgot to pee after sex. Although come to think of it, that is totally normal. My mom asking me embarrassing questions…not the kidney infection. Warm, 70 degree days in March. Another […]

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In the process of packing up my apartment to move an annoying 0.6 miles down the street, I’ve uncovered a multitude of forgotten items stowed away in my little one-bedroom apartment. Like a random box of summer shorts + dresses…just in time for fall. Awesome. A pile of stale Raisinets gathered in the narrow hiding space […]

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The Usual

by Holly on May 26, 2011

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My blogging style has changed a lot over the past two years. It started out as a daily food journal. Breakfasts. Snacks. Lunches. Snacks. Dinners. Desserts. For a long time, I did my Everythingtarian darndest to meticulously photograph and write about the things I ate on a daily basis. After awhile, it got tiring and […]

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