If you put protein powder in anything, it automatically makes it healthy, right? Please say yes! Because the only reason I added protein powder in this recipe was that I could rationalize drinking both servings (that’s two) after a tough 60-minute bootcamp class today. Because truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of protein […]

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6:00am: My alarm goes off. 6:05am: My second alarm goes off. 6:15am: My third alarm goes off. 7:55pm: Upon gazing at my iPhone and seeing it flash “7:55am,” I reluctantly yet immediately sprint out of bed and get in the shower. Five minutes later, I dry myself off, open my underwear drawer and find no […]

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Dear Future Man Friend…*

by Holly on September 11, 2011

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Dear Future Man Friend, While we haven’t found each other quite yet, I wanted to warn you that when we do finally meet, I’ll probably be mean to you. But don’t worry! It just means I like you and haven’t progressed passed 2nd grade in the maturity department. Back in Mrs. Schneeweis’ class, I am […]

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I took an obscene amount of photos this past weekend. What’s more obscene however, is that I cannot for the Everythingtarian life of me selectively choose which ones to show you. I can’t not show you our epic trip to the horribly-scripted, yet decadently delicious set of the TLC reality show DC Cupcakes. I can’t […]

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by Holly on January 7, 2011

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Sometimes, we have to make our own rules. Society tells us we can vote when we’re 18 years old, moms tell us not to dress slutty, dads tell us to remember to balance our checkbooks, McDonalds tells us breakfast ends at 10am, Sarah Palin tells us only crazy idiots get reality TV shows (Michelle Obama […]

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