The only reason I finished my second marathon without dying is this: carb-loading. I take that back…extreme carb-loading. Literally, all I ate last week was a highly-comforting combination of toast, bagels, cereal, beer, pasta, more beer, more pasta and cookies. More white than whole wheat. More slathered in creamy, fatty sauces than plain. And each carb more […]

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This is my life. I’m sitting on my uncomfortable couch biting my fingernails, fighting back tears and slowly yet meticulously typing this blog post to get each word just right. To explain exactly the feeling that’s pulled up a chair and plunked itself down into my life this week. This is my life…right here in […]

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Mason Jar Cookie Company (and a giveaway!)

by Holly on December 18, 2011

in giveaway

The holidays are a time for several very important things: A well-crafted Pandora Christmas music station (Hint: if you type in ‘”N Sync Holiday,” you’ll be gifted with the best Christmas playlist…like ever). Christmas lights. Nothing makes me happier than bright, twinkling Christmas lights. And perhaps, most importantly, CHRISTMAS COOKIES. Always cookies. May I introduce […]

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A Writing Winner

by Holly on November 13, 2011

in blog stuff,dessert,recipes,seriousness

Something really unexpected happened while I was in Europe for two weeks…I won an award. Coming from someone whose greatest life achievements include winning most valuable player on her 4th grade slowpitch softball team and being voted “Most Likely to Be on A Reality TV Show” by her high school, this is kinda big. Because […]

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Something a bit peculiar has happened as of late. In case you’re worried about my sanity, I haven’t changed my name to Holly Gyllenhaal. No, I haven’t grown a nubbin. And unfortunately, I haven’t magically started to enjoy olives, mushrooms, grapefruit + cantaloupe overnight. The peculiar thing remains that coconut is still making me uncontrollably gag. […]

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