ice cream

TV (take five!)

by Holly on March 16, 2012

in recipes,TV appearances,vegetarian

To me, St. Patrick’s Day is about one thing and one thing only: green beer. In order to drink green beer and appropriately honor Saint Patrick – thy patron saint of Ireland – all March 17th long, it’s imperative to eat something first. Because you can’t drink all day if you (a) don’t start in […]

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the perfect Saturday night

by Holly on June 4, 2011

in dessert,dinner,life,weekend

I should rephrase that. The perfect Saturday night after drinking too much on Friday night. Because really, while I like to think I can pull off the shenanigans of my 21-year-old self of yore, I am 26 years old. My tolerance for imbibing the good stuff is weakening by the day. I can’t eat Taco […]

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I Wouldn’t Lie to You

by Holly on June 1, 2011

in dinner,randomness

I wouldn’t lie to you. Never would I ever. In my Everythingtarian book, lying is right up there with rude people, the time my mom cut my curly hair super short in 2nd grade and Taylor Swift. Annoying. Unnecessary. And totally uncool. So when I said dinner needs to take five minutes or less, I […]

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by Holly on January 25, 2011

in breakfast,dessert,lunch,randomness,recipes

I am a modern woman of many contradictions. I don’t always make sense. Things I do sometimes don’t add up. My mind constantly changes from day to day. I really like vegan cappuccino coconut milk ice cream with butter-laden, milk-rich (read: the opposite of vegan)¬†coffee toffee pieces. I find pleasure in picking my nail polish […]

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a simple dinner + one more goal

by Holly on January 13, 2011

in dinner,goals,life,rambling

I honestly thought January would slow life down a bit. With the coming of 2011, I thought I would have time to do things like breathe, sleep, cook and exercise. I thought I would perhaps get the chance to watch Half-Nelson, which I’ve had from Netflix for more than two months now. I also thought […]

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