It was one of those last-minute thoughts I often have when I’m procrastinating work on a late Thursday afternoon. Thoughts that are quickly followed by an overly enthusiastic text to the manfriend exclaiming, “It’s soooo nice out!!! Picnic by the lake tonight?!?!”  then me realizing I have a serious, if not borderline unprofessional, obsession with exclamation […]

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Growing up, I was lucky enough to have cultivated an appreciation for local foods. I loved Peanut Butter Parfaits from my local Dairy Queen (ahem, still do). I adored the greasy thin crust cheese pizza from my local Carbone’s (MN friends – you know what I’m talking about). I grew a special affliction for the […]

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by Holly on February 11, 2013

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We all know what happened last time I tried to complete a cleanse. Let’s just say it was quickly interrupted with a buffet of reuben egg rolls, a vegetable antipasto platter and several beers (photo evidence here). Cleanses and myself…well, we really don’t get along with one another too well. I like to eat. I […]

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Sooooo…I am the worst decision maker. Like ever. And if you really want to mess with my Everythingtarian head, give me options. Lots of options. Because there is nothing I am more horrible with than options. I’d like to think that my struggle with options began when I was a young child, but I’d totally […]

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My Gluten-Free Sister

by Holly on September 6, 2011

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I have one older sister, and her name is Katie. For the past 26 years, she’s been the consummate older sister: bossy, all-knowing and the director of my life. Literally, the director. Bored one summer afternoon, we decided to put on a recreation of the Disney movie, Aladdin, in our basement, and Katie, assuming both a […]

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