On A Kick

by Holly on July 10, 2011

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I’m on a kick. An Asian kick. A tempeh kick. A salad kick. A Sriracha kick. And yes, I’m always on a Jake Gyllenhaal kick (because when a celebrity like him can go toe-to-toe with Bear Grylls and eat a worm, you know he’s a real, swoonworthy man). I have come to the conclusion these random kicks are all […]

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It all started with an innocent-looking buffalo chicken wrap. On a sunny Thursday several short weeks ago, I was having a major white girl problem. I needed a kombucha…like, bad. So when 11:45am came around, and I could no longer deny my vicious craving for that yummy mushroom bacteria drink, off I went to Madison’s newest […]

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Keep Calm and Tempeh On

by Holly on March 16, 2011

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I am not a picky eater. Approximately 99.9% of the time, I’ll happily scarf down anything resembling edible food. From blue boxes of Kraft mac & cheese to roasted pork jowls to entire baking sheets of kale chips to 3/4 of a boxed yellow cake with chocolate frosting (that one was on a dare), chances […]

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Cool Booty Curry

by Holly on August 26, 2010

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You guys are cool. Like, way cool. I mean, just go and read all the comments from my last post. I promise if you do, you’ll realize the only thing that defines who you are is YOU – not your relationship status, age, job, how much money you have or any of those trivial, unimportant details. […]

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As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.” Thinking about it, I am pretty sure Mr. Emerson was an insightful philosopher who was way ahead of his time and could see into the 21st century. I mean, how could he not be talking about us modern […]

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