by Holly on November 5, 2009

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Good morning my friends!

Yours truly had a very busy night, which resulted in passing out after several vats large glasses of red wine.  Oops!  But let’s back it up a bit to yesterday morning…

Breakfast was an Everythingtarian classic favorite – PB+B toast.


With a sprinkle of cinnamon to boot.

Snacktime involved a ginormous Haralson apple.  Many of you asked about Haralsons…well, they are pretty much the #1 apple in my life – Minnesota-grown, crunchy, sweet and perfectly tart.



Afternoon snackage involved roasted acorn squash with a drizzle of maple syrup + cinnamon.  Yeah, that’s right.  I eat squash for snack.  Whatcha gonna do about it?

I left work early to sneak in a much needed workout.  It had been 3 days, and I was feeling it – mentally that is.  I don’t know if you remember, but exercise is my Rx. So, I hopped on the dreadmill for a surprisingly enjoyable workout.

5 minutes @ 3% incline, 3.5 mph walk
5 minutes @ 3% incline, 5.8 mph run
5 minutes @ 3% incline, 4.0 mph walk
5 minutes @ 3% incline, 6.0 mph run
5 minutes @ 3% incline, 4.5 mph walk
5 minutes @ 3% incline, 6.2 mph run
5 minutes @ 3% incline, 4.0 mph walk
5 minutes @ 3% incline, 6.0 mph run
5 minutes @ 3% incline, 3.5 mph walk
5 minutes @ 3% incline, 5.8 mph run
5 minutes @ 0% incline, 3.0 mph walk

I stretched for 5 minutes, making this a solid 60 minute workout.

Then, I headed off to the lavish Great Gatsby dinner party!


My boss + her hubs hosted us at their place for a FABULOUS night of foodie-ness. I started out with a large glass of vino, which was probs not smart seeming as I had just worked out, my stomach was completely empty, and I was thirsty. Yeahhhh…that’s not good.

However, the prosciutto-wrapped melon balls + scallops in a butter tarragon sauce were AMAZING. I had three of each.


Dinner (accompanied by vino #2) started off with an awesome carrot soup with cucumber raika and chili oil. This was the best thing I ate all night (tied with the scallops).


The main entree was beef tenderloin in port sauce accompanied by Andy’s amazing pasta.


We’re not done yet kids…dessert was a key lime cannoli.  TDF. And devoured with a glass of champagne (insert slightly drunk Holly).


I cannot say THANK YOU enough to my boss and her husband for having us over – it was by far the best meal I have had in a looooooong time.

After dinner, another co-worker and her husband showed us their pics of their recent honeymoon to Italy while I fell asleep on the floor. Kids – you cannot burn the candle at both ends and expect to stay awake to tell about it.  This past week has been crazy busy, and with the new part-time job, I am definitely in need of some scheduled downtime so I can rest. As I type this at 6:57am, I am seriously contemplating hibernating today and waking up tomorrow. I wonder how the boss would feel about that…

In more awake news…

Did you floss today? I did not last night…in fact, I may or may not have brushed my teeth.  I can’t remember :).

Who is in for a November yoga challenge? Angharad and I were chatting and realizing we both needed a kick in the butt to get ourselves back on an exercise schedule.  So, we thought we would become yoginis this month by dedicating ourselves to 3 yoga classes a week.  You in?

Alright, it will be another crazy work day.  Thank the sweet heavens tomorrow is Friday.


Katie November 5, 2009 at 9:52 pm

What an awesome boss!! He sounds so cool – maybe he wouldn’t mind if you hibernated for a few days…

Kristen November 6, 2009 at 3:23 pm

Love the TWSS! That bun looks out of this world!

Jamie November 7, 2009 at 5:44 pm

I like the interval workout you did. It looks very do-able and like something I would really enjoy.


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