To Thy Lords + Ladies

by Holly on January 10, 2010

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This post is for thee.

Has doth figured out where thy has been this weekend?  Say yes, but for if thy has not, read through this post for thy details of hence weekend splendour.

First stop? IKEA!!!

The heart and soul of Scandanavian furnishings found right here in the heartland of America: Schaumburg, Illinois.

I did not buy this chair, but trust me, Iwasaboutthisclosetopullingoutmycreditcard.

I was also about thisclosetopullingoutmycreditcard for about a million other things.  I ended up coming out with a red duvet cover (for my comforter) and four kiddie finger puppets (a present…not for me, I swear), which is really a miracle considering the monstrous size of the store…

I love.

After Ikea, we went to one of the largest malls in the U.S. (although, it has nothing on my hometown wonder of Mall of America)Woodfield Mall, where I picked up a new purse…

Chocolate brown. Messenger-style bag. Leather with gold finishings.  The Sak handbag. Macy’s. I die.

Finally, after spending too much money (as usual), it was time for the big event.

Have you figured it out yet?




Ahhhhhh…yesss!  My own ladyship along with the company of thy friends spent hours upon hours of planning for thy one and only 1200 A.D.-inspired MEDIEVAL TIMES!

My mug of Diet Pepsi (a middle ages delicacy) and I.

Upon entering thy castle gates, I was overwhelmed with thy multitude of medieval-ness around me…

Let thy jousting and fighting for the forlorn heart of thy princess commence!!!

That would be our guy, the blue knight.  Quite frankly, he didn’t do it for me.  He lost in his jousting match (to the horrible red knight!), and I was had my eye on the red-yellow knight anyways.  The red-yellow knight pulled off the chain metal tights so much better too.

Dinner was surprisingly DELICIOUS!

It started with a bowl of tomato bisque soup + garlic bread

Then, my vegetarian platter of goodness arrived from our dear waiter squire Jelly (yes, his name was Jelly): hummus + pita chips, veggie kebob + wild rice pilaf with cranberries.  Twas’ delightul to thy tastebuds.

And we finished er’ up with an apple pastry of love…

Upon the successful completion of thy full belly, I was ready to cheer for my dear blue red-yellow knight as he jousted the pants off the black + white knight.  Sadly actually, the white + black knight jousted the pants off of red-yellow knight, but I didn’t really mind ;).

Upon the defeat of the evil green knight, it was sadly time to go.

Not before a picture shot with the door guard, however!

Little does he know that picture is ending up on the World Wide Web. But he was fun.  And deserves a raise.  Ya hear me Medieval Times peeps?

After the shenanigans of yore, I slept for 8 hours (no more, no less!) and hit up the grocery store a.s.a.p.  Literally, I had nothing to eat for breakfast, unless you count a can of black beans and jar of unopened peanut butter breakfast.

While I was there, I saw some delicious veggie sushi and needed to have it.

Yes, I had sushi for breakfast.  And it was delicious.

Sunday looks a lil’ something like this…

  • laundry
  • run + yoga
  • clean my apartment
  • freelance writing
  • pay some bills
  • upload camera photos (memory maxed out)
  • visit with a friend + her new baby

Gah, aren’t Sundays supposed to be relaxing?

Have you ever been to IKEA? Do you love it or hate it? Yes. Love.

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a meal you expected to be bad? See above.

Happy Sunday :).