Under Pressure

by Holly on January 14, 2010

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There is a certain Facebook group to which I belong that exemplifies a lot about me: Perfectionist Procrastinators.

I am Type A in the respect that I expect a lot of myself.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well, please others, help others and take good care of myself.  However, I just like to wait until the last minute to do these things.  Consequently, I end up wondering why I have problems making decisions, completing things on-time and creating undue stress. Oh yeah, and I usually get mad at myself in the process as well.

Sometimes I need to step back, expect less of myself (yes, less!) and stop putting so much pressure on myself.  After reading a wonderful post from my dear friend Kailey, I hearby announce my participation in the Love and Live Yo’ Life Challenge (fo’ life!).  Because really, it’s the only real challenge worth taking.

If I am going to skip the gym, I need to make and accept that decision, instead of bemoaning the fact I didn’t go the gym the rest of the night.  If I am going to eat nine cookies, I need to accept it and move on.  Acceptance, who woulda thunk it? One of my best friends in the entire world Ashley reminded me earlier this week that life is NOT “all or nothing.”  Sometimes I get caught up in that perfectionistic mindset.

I constantly need to remind myself every little bit you can do is worth it. Going to the gym, even for 20 minutes, is better than nothing at all.  I ate candy today, but ya know what? I didn’t go ahead and eat ice cream for dinner because I ruined a day of “healthy eating.”  Instead, I filled up with a big salad. It’s about balance. And even us everythingtarians need a refresher course every now and again.

After that rant (which I believe was probably more for my sanity than yours), let’s lighten things up a bit…

Breakfast was more Banana Oats, which are so simple and so delish!  Since the lighting was crappy, I just thought I would give you a nice set-up (flash included) of how yours truly enjoys her breakfast in the morn…

1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup water + 1/2 cup org. skim milk
1 smashed naner
1/2 tbsp. maple syrup
LOTS of cinnamon
1 large scoop PB
1 tbsp. ground flax

And my ghetto flip phone, which used to be cool about five years ago, but now has been replaced with bigger and non-flippable phones.

Throughout the day, I took the snacky route again because sometimes, you just want a bit of everything.  First, 1 sliced cucumber + an orange (which are seriously SO TASTY right now!) munched throughout the morning…

Then it was some of Stacy’s Multigrain Pita Chips alongside some Pumpkin Pie Hummus

…which I realized seriously looks like baby poo, but trust me – it’s DELICIOUS!

Post-hummus/pita action, I dug into some Starburst (x 2).

Gah, I <3 Starburst.  So good.

I also was FORCED (yes, forced!) to try a bacon-flavored Jelly Belly.  Ummmm…it tasted like motor oil, and I about vommed in the office trash can.  Seriously, perhaps the WORST thing I have ever put in my mouth.  I then had to eat two Bit O’ Honeys (another fave) to wash out the horrendous oil taste lingering in the back of my throat.  Bloggies kids – do NOT try that at home!

Late afternoon, I devoured a mediocre yog mess.  I say mediocre because it lacked an important ingredient: NUT BUTTER!  What was I thinking forgetting that component?!?!?

1 cup nonfat plain Greek yog
2-3 tbsp. gingersnap granola
1 sliced naner
2 pumpkin ginger cookies from Katharina

Last night, I took my advice to take the pressure off myself and miraculously completed a restorative 105-minute yoga podcast from Senor Farmar.  I woke up slightly sore today, but that didn’t stop me from heading to the gym after work to take a cue from yesterday’s advice and ellipticalled for 45 minutes with 4-pound handweights a la Kailey.

Tomorrow, I plan on a killer walking on incline workout a la Molly (which if you haven’t, check out her blog because she is teaching abroad in Japan!).

When I arrived home, I needed dinner and FAST!

two handfuls spinach
carrot sticks
pepperjack cheese shavings
garbanzo beans
1/2 sliced green pepper
Amy’s California Burger
Stacy’s Multigrain Pita Chips

I literally cannot remember the last time I had a salad.  Twas’ glorious.

Now, I am eating another orange, then off to shower and crawl in bed with my next Netflix movie!

If you made it through this monster ramble of a post, you deserve an award.  Or better yet, pay it forward by visiting the Red Cross, Food for the Hungry or Yele and donate as much as you can to the Haiti relief efforts.  It’s so sad to see the horrible suffering the already impoverished country is going through.  They need all our support, donations and prayers!

Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself? See above.

What is your favorite candy? All time favorite…Peanut M&Ms, Sweettarts, Mambas and Almond Joys!

(P.S. These questions seem quite trivial following the Haiti donation request, but just go with it).