Where My Blog is Going (And Where It’s Been)

by Holly on January 20, 2011

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I am constantly inspired by other bloggers.

While I enjoy the time I spend writing and putzing around with my blog baby, I gleen some of my best ideas from the thoughts, musings and photography of other bloggers. This morning, I read a post from my travel partner, the lovely Susan from The Great Balancing Act, about “What’s In A Blog.” She didn’t just write about any ol’ blog however, she wrote about her blog, and what made her blog well…her.

It got me thinking…

What makes my blog mine?

Where do I see my blog going in the future?

Why do I blog?

So many deep thoughts on a busy Thursday morning. I mean, it was like I was having a major #sororitygirlproblem that could only be remedied with cookies.

But I thought about it.

Ate a cookie.

Reread Susan’s post.

And the answers came to me.

This blog is not…

A daily food journal.

If you want a rundown of my daily Everythingtarian eats, check out almost all my posts prior to September 2010. You’ll find bowls of oatmeals, big ol’ salads, lots of dessert and random (rather unphotogenic) meals. It got boring. I figured if I was bored, readers had to be as well so I stopped. Plus, I like talking about things outside of food – ya know, like life?


I put this in quotation marks because I am referring to what many people often consider “healthy,” which is a much more rigid, strict vision than I have. (For healthy sans quotation marks, see below).

A how-to guide on living your life.

This is my life. Not yours. Do what makes YOU happy. I may choose to spend my money traveling and my single lady nights taking long, hot baths and watching trashy TV (*cough* The Bachelor, what? *cough*), but you can certainly take a higher road by investing your money, reading intelligent books and watching documentaries on PBS. In fact, I encourage it.

A space for negativity.

There’s enough of that in the world. Living is tough enough as is, so there is no hating on anybody or anything – especially on this blog (sorry Paris!). Let’s rejoice, bump some beats from The Black Keys and spread the positivity love instead.

This┬áblog is…

A collection of things I love.

Writing. Food. Art. Not doing the dishes. Photography. Complaining about my love life (or lack thereof). Eating out. Travel. Becoming a responsible adult. Dessert. Jake Gyllenhaal. Finding happiness. Inappropriateness. Helping others. Eating whole chocolate bars in one sitting. Humor. My family. My friends. Breakfast. Mindless celebrity gossip. Living a whole life. Cartwheels.


Read my blog. Mostly food. Not too much.

An outlet for creativity.

Growing up, I was the “smart one.” Things just came naturally to me, so naturally people talked doctor, lawyer or some other career requiring studying from a book for an additional four years. It was only when I was in college where I realized that while I enjoyed learning things from books, these things did not make me come alive – being creative did.


Without quotation marks. This means fueling your body with foods that are going to make you feel your best (salads AND beer included), getting enough sleep, going out dancing until 4am + having the time of your life doing it, eating out with wild foodie abandon, surrounding yourself with good people, kicking out the toxicity from your life, savoring dessert on a daily basis and pursuing what you love. THAT’S healthy, even if 4am is more like 11pm for me these days.

A place where double-fisting is completely acceptable.

Coffee, beer, wine, water, kombucha, juice, tea, vodka…take your pick.

I don’t know where this blog is going.

I don’t know what I ultimately want out of this blog.

I don’t know why I am staying up until 11:30pm writing this post when I’ve promised my friend Ilsa we’d go to 6am yoga class tomorrow morning.

I do know you are all the best readers ever.

I do know I’ll keep writing as long as I have something to say.

I do know that 26 years on this planet has only confirmed ice cream is still my favorite food.

Now, sometimes it just comes in the coconut milk variety.