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by Holly on December 30, 2009

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Where to begin…I cannot say; all I know is, a lot has happened in two days!

There’s a lil’ Dr. Seuss in all of us, don’t you think?

Over the past couple days, y’all have shared some AMAZING fun facts.  I think the award for the best fun fact goes to Gina from Effect a Change, who proudly shares that her home state of Vermont is home to the world’s largest filing cabinet.  Awesome. I want pictures.

Also, we got a nice start on listing some things we all want to do in 2010!  Looks like we all want to run races, travel more, continue to improve ourselves and save some dolla dolla bills.  Amen!

Alright…back to the eats!

Yesterday morning, I awoke to a lovely breakfast I don’t eat often enough. Scrambled eggs + 1 cup spinach, two pieces dry Ezekiel toast and two clementines.  If you include the milk I put in my coffee, I hit every major food group. Score.

Since I planned a lunchtime gym sesh, I fueled up mid-morning with a naner + two more clementines + 1 pepperjack cheese stick

A nice lil’ combo of carbs and protein to keep me going through a nice 60 minute Yoga/Pilates Fusion class.  The instructor was AWESOME!  I can’t even remember what we did – all I know is that I oddly feel stretched AND sore today.  Can you even be those two things at once?

Post-exercise, I roasted up a crapload of brussel sprouts (approximately 2 cups?) and served it alongside an Amy’s Spinach Feta pocket.  Twas’ so very delicious.  Amy, do you want to be BFF forever?  Please?

Annndddd…an Oatmeal Date Cookie from the lovely April for dessert!

After scarfing lunch, I headed out and picked up my friend Brad who came to visit me in good ol’ Madtown.  I took a 1/2 day at work and off we ventured around town!

We walked for more than an hour in the frickin’ freezing cold (sorry Brad!) before we decided a Starbucks stop was completely necessary to thaw our frozen limbs.

That would be a grande nonfat latte, sipped leisurely while dominating the Word Jumble AND daily crossword in the newspaper.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love word games?  Janetha?  Anyone?

Then, we headed off to one of my favorite restaurants in Madison…The Old Fashioned!

First, we decided to split the Lazy Susan #6 appetizer, featuring, “Jim’s Blue Ribbon summer sausage, Miesfeld market holiday garlic salami, Bavaria Sausage Kitchen’s Braunschweiger, mustard, bread & butter pickles, deviled eggs, coleslaw and rye bread,” a.k.a. Wisconsin at its finest.

Lazy Susans are way too much fun to play with.

The actual food…

With a side of THE BEST CHEESE CURDS IN THE WORLD and a smoked paprika dipping sauce…

HEAVEN. Because if you look in the dictionary under ‘heaven,’ I believe you will find a picture of said fried cheese. Along with two Spotted Cow beers, there is definitely more Wisconsin in me than even I care to admit.

Flash forward to today…OFFICE BOWLING OUTING!

The best part? Everyone is in teams of five and comes up with a team name/costume.  Since our dear coworker Chris is back at home visiting and couldn’t participate, we decided to make our team, “The Epi-Pins: A Chris M. Tribute Bowling Team.”

To honor our dear friend, we dressed up exactly like him…

Black glasses? Check. Converse/VANS shoes? Check. Tight pants? Check. The color purple? Check. Flashy watches? Check. Signature “Likes This” pose? Check.

Is it any surprise we won the award for “Best Costume?” I think not.

And yes, I bought a pair of black and white checkered VANS for this event and LOVE them.  To death.

To celebrate winning the best award (Highest Bowling Score? No thanks!), we headed out for some ‘scream.  I went for a devilishly delicious chocolate custard ice cream with melty PB.  No words.

There are about a million other things I could ramble on about, but for the sake of time, I am going to stop here.

Except I would like to add…can you believe tomorrow is New Years Eve?  I swear this year has gone by faster than any other.  Just another reminder to stop and smell the roses (or fresh-baked cookies) more often!

What is your signature order at Starbucks or any other coffee shop? I like myself a fancy drink now and again, but give me a straight up cuppa coffee + milk, and I’m a happy camper.

What is your signature order at the ice cream shop? Honestly, I am one of those people that changes it up all the time.  I love ice cream so much, you just can’t make me pick one order!


Bekah January 1, 2010 at 9:13 pm

Totaally behind on reading.. But I will answer this. i’m a straight up starbeez gal. americano. iced. hot. orr refresh tea. or black tea unsweetened. or PTL unsweetened.

that ice cream custard looks outrageous. i want it.

janetha January 3, 2010 at 1:23 pm

hello soulmate. how are you this fine sunday? i am catching up on your 3 new posts. starting now.

those eggs with the spinach are right up my alley. YUM. and i am all about the pepperjack.

YAY for word games. triple yay. haha i love lazy susans and it was always a fun joke in my fam since my mom’s name is sue.

can we go bowling together? please?

i order drip coffee (black) or an americano (black).. but i hate starbucks.. so it has to be elsewhere!

i am the same on ice cream! GAH! LOVE IT! but fave is vanilla bean!

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